New Jersey Couples Therapy & Counseling Services

If you are struggling in your relationship or interested in improving your relationship, then now is the right time to learn how to live a more relationally skilled life using couples therapy. I offer couples therapy/couples counseling in New Jersey for partnered, married, or otherwise committed couples.

Many couples need help learning and implementing the tools and skills required in creating healthy relationships. Issues may range from a good relationship wishing to become even richer and more vital, to a relationship on the brink of disillusion – and everything in between. Honesty and an open heart are all that’s required. My goal in couples therapy is to help you clear a path toward the type of relationship you seek.

During my couples counseling sessions in my New Jersey office, you will learn how to communicate, argue, negotiate, and treat each other with respect, as well as how to cherish and grow emotionally closer with each other in ways that honor your relationship and your values. Each part of the couple can learn to assert themselves lovingly and to open up and learn to be fully present. We will work together to heal and improve your relationship for deep, intimate connection. You will learn in couples counseling how to navigate your relationship in ways that are healing to both you and your partner or spouse. The tools you gain can be applied to other relationships, such as those between parent and child, those in the workplace, and those with extended family members.

Couples therapy teaches you ways to enhance your relationships, to keep those relationships on track, and to grow and thrive within them. Please feel free to contact me regarding my couples therapy services in New Jersey.